Be honest with me, bombshell.

When you get ready for a media interview, what do you do to prepare? 

Ya know that Skype interview that you’ve been asked to do? Do you feel totally ready for it?

I know you long to feel comfortable and connected to your audience on camera {and you know this is a key to growing bigger and making more money} but you just aren’t sure how.

I know sometimes you’re so preoccupied with the little details {what’s my hair doing? does my make-up look okay? how am I coming across?… sound familiar?!} that you can’t seem to let go, just be yourself, and share your brilliance.

And I believe that you have a message that matters deeply. So I want to give your voice a boost right this second.

In these two 3.5 minute videos, I’m going to tell you exactly how to prep for your next media interview, no matter who’s watching, and arm you with the tools that will have you actually excited to show up, confident & ready to go live every time!

Gala Darling

“Had such a killer morning working with @mediabombshell. Damn! That babe knows how to cut to the heart of the message!”

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • the 3 goals that you need to set before your first interview {you’ll be feeling cool, calm & collected once you’ve got ’em down}
  • how to transform a regular interview {local, national or from the comfort of your own laptop!} into a powerful messaging platform… it’s time to think big {you are becoming a bombshell after all!}
  • how to become a repeat guest rather than a one time interviewee {yes, it’s totally possible!}

Who the heck am I?

I created Media Bombshell with a simple philosophy: people who know how to speak about their work with purpose & poise, have more fun, make more money and grow bigger empires than their competitors.

How do I know? I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped hundreds of experts do the same.

After working as an NBC reporter for 7 years, I quit my job to found my dream business. Within one month of launching, I appeared as a guest on the TODAY Show. And before the year’s end, I attracted coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, SHAPE Magazine, Cosmo radio and more. And I figured to truly get known for my work I needed to spread my message beyond traditional media so I’ve created online videos to build a vibrant community of loyal fans & continue to speak about making your words matter on stage.

Ready to do the same? Let’s go!




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“Ellie: you are truly a media goddess. In one scintillating conversation with you, I found the right words to explain not just what I do, by why I do it — and where my work is going.

Having stories, soundbites and crisp parcels of language that I can whip out for interviews and media appearances = a priceless confidence boost.
Sometimes, even pro-wordsmiths need to been witnessed + seen.

Thank you for helping me see my LIFE’S FREAKIN’ WORK, live on the screen.”

Laurie Frick

“Ellie, thank you!! Incredibly helpful – you let me see how to shape the story in a way I would NEVER have figured out on my own. Stronger for sure.

Seriously, you are the best I’ve seen.”

“Well thank goodness for you, Ellie. You deliver! Your expertise was perfection. I feel totally clear and complete. In fact, the time flew by. Now I have sound bites for any occasion. I feel prepared knowing it makes sense. My message is clear and concise. I know what I want to say and how I want to say it. Thank you!”