13 ways to be a bombshell in 2013

Are you sliding into 2013 or sprinting, eyes wide open, arms stretched in front of you, ready to embrace your lovely future? Here are 13 things you can do to claim 2013 as the beginning of your next great adventure.


1. Be YOU in all of your brilliant imperfectness.

2. Choose one game-changing idea you want to dive into this year and OWN it.

3. Practice pure laughter.

4. Speak with meaning and impact.

5. Listen to others. Lean into their stories. Learn every bit you can.

6. Be delightfully daring in how you get your message out to the world.

7. DREAM. Bigger.

8. Do something you don’t think is actually possible.

9. Find at least one like-minded bombshell and cultivate a lasting friendship.

10. Be surprising. Better yet, be shockingly fabulous.

11. Write hand-written notes. Often.

12. Push fear aside & pack this year with pleasure, challenges & exploration.

13. Create the change you want to see in your business, in your life & in the world.


Are you ready to dive into 2013? Are you ready to create something shockingly delicious this year? To live your wildest dreams and forgotten passions? If so, in the comments below, tell me which one of the items on this list you’re going to tackle first. Ready. Set. GO!




  1. Lill said:

    Create the change you want to see in your life, your business, your world!

    Congrats on your marriage–wishing you life full of bliss.


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