27 reasons to spend 3 days with me

The other day, a girlfriend could see how visibly excited I was getting while chatting about my upcoming Media Bombshell event {the first of the year!}. She asked me what my clients experience when they’re in a room with me, focusing on language and how to speak about their brilliant work.


I could barely contain myself and started rattling off more possibilities than I could count. So, I thought I that would share just a few of them with you today.

What could you create if you took three days to focus on your words and how you use them? Here are 27 possibilities.

You could…

1. fall in love with your work all over again

2. create a whole new language for how you talk about what you do {one that thrills both you and your clients}

3. feel connected to your audience

4. be excited to go to your next happy hour event and get asked, “what do you do?”

5. come up with a whole new video campaign

6. be eager to talk with potential clients about how you can serve them

7. have a new understanding of words and their power

8. speak from a place of calm compassion

9. own your voice & show your personality with moxie

10. be overwhelmed with your own brilliance & experience your genius zone in a new way

11. walk away with a list of 18 videos that you would love to shoot {and knowledge to come up with the next 18}

12. master your key soundbites

13. know how to tell your story in a compelling way

14. feel ease in answering a tough question

15. know how to prep for your next interview

16. get tools to make your audience snap to attention when you speak

17. learn tips to keep people coming back to your website to watch your videos over & over

18. have a whole new way to engage an audience

19. practice telling captivating stories

20. stop underestimating the power of 10 seconds

21. know how to speak with poise & confidence

22. be delighted by the love you naturally feel from the room when you speak soul-forward

23. have a plan for how to share your work firmly in tact {and be eager to do it!}

24. finally stop avoiding creating your first video or talk

25. face your fears around public speaking

26. feel the influence of your voice

27. have your sales page {video} written

… sound good? Then what are you waiting for? Hop on over here to sign up for the Media Bombshell Intensive happening in just a few weeks. {Hurry!}. There are only three spots left.

This year, I want to stand for YOU being in action. I want to turn your possibilities into realities. I want to turn your to do lists into DONE lists. And there’s no better way for me to help you than if you choose to devote three days to this important work.

Enough of the excuses. Book your ticket. Hop on a plane or hop in a car, or both. Get here. Make it happen.


You’ll be glad you did.


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