5 Steps To Getting Clear On Who To Speak To & Why

microphone and notebookThink about the person who needs to hear your message. This is not about you, it’s much bigger.

It’s easy to play small, to stay in your comfort zone and to let ‘safe’ win. But, do that and you’re not just limiting yourself, your work and your potential…

You’re actually limiting the rest of us as well.

The message you have to offer might be exactly the words that I need to hear…

  • … to end a bad relationship
  • … to quit my day job
  • … to move to a new city
  • … to look at myself differently in the mirror
  • … to go on a big brave travel adventure
  • … to simply remember how capable I am.

What’s more, if I never hear that message I may never take that gigantic or tiny leap.

Here’s the secret that I tell my VIP clients all the time…

Holding back your voice in any capacity… from not saying what you mean in a conversation with a client or partner to turning down and interview, speaking gig or new video series because you don’t feel ready… is not a YOU thing.

It’s an all of us thing. And, shifting your focus can change everything.

When you start to realize that sharing your message and using your voice to create the brightest light possible **ISN’T ABOUT YOU** something magical happens.

It sets you free to speak your mind. You stop waiting to feel ready.

None of the little details really matter. You won’t be nearly as concerned about how your hair looks or where to put your hands during an interview. You realize that perfect isn’t the goal.

Getting your words to reach the person who really needs to hear them IS the goal. 

If you truly think about the person you could be serving by doing that thing that scares you, the sense of urgency and importance heightens and the fear lessens. You begin to realize that your voice is much bigger than you and that you don’t want to get in the way of it’s power.

You seek opportunities to use your voice in front of new audiences. Instead of hiding, you begin to recognize that the only way to truly find the people who need you most is to get in front of as many different people as possible. Period.

Want to get super clear on who you need to speak to & why? 

Here are my five proven steps to do just that.

#1. Create a detailed description person who is your ideal client {where she lives, if she’s married, if she’s focused on working out, what magazines she reads, how social-media-addicted she is, etc} .

#2. Walk through a day in the life of that person, starting with her waking up & ending when she goes to bed.

#3. Think about what goals she has for her week, her month, her year & what holds her back.

#4. Write down all of her deepest fears & longings, both the ones she can articulate and the ones that are so deep she might not even know about.

#5. Write her a letter. Tell her all the things you want her to know.

Now, every time you speak in the next week, I want you to think about the soul of this person, and how your words might shift her.




P.S. In the comments below, tell me what part of the exercise made the most impact for you… and come back once you’ve tried shifting your focus to let me know how this served you.


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