5 Ways To Express Yourself


Mix up your media. Always write? Try recording some audio, right off the cuff. {Here’s my audio debut}. Or even a video! Here’s the down & dirty of shooting your very own.


Pen your team a love note. They’ll blossom even more & it feels oh-so lovely.

Express Yourself Red


Put on your favorite lipstick {or even go a little bolder than your usual look!}. Retro Matte Ruby Woo by MAC is my color of choice. {I’m wearing it in the picture above. Mwah!}. Tell me, what’s yours, bombshell?


Set a timer for 5 minutes. Ready? Write. Do so without judgement & resist the temptation to edit. {It will be worth it, promise!}. Stream of consciousness writing is a wonderful way to cut right to the heart of what you really want to say. Watch your next big idea pour out onto the page!

Express Yourself Navy


Avoiding a difficult conversation? Be brave, bombshell. Say what you need to say. At home, in your business, to your clients. {For a musical nudge in the right direction, listen to this}. Freedom awaits. 




P.S. If you liked these, you’ll love this: how to be remembered for your mission.

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