3 Ways to Master Your Message on Social Media

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While I’m blissfully away on maternity leave nurturing my bundle of joy, we’ve invited incredible leaders from different fields to speak about what they know best. I hope that the stories shared will inspire action and reflection within you, as they undoubtedly have within me.

Today Andrea, a friend, colleague and SPARK alumna, is sharing her best tips for marketing your message on social media.

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I’ve had an online presence for years and as my business has evolved, so have my offerings. I have gone from freelancer, to consultant, to teammate to contractor-for-hire and everything in between.

The way I talk about what I do and who I serve changes slightly with each new direction but I’ve managed to find consistency within my message and voice on social media.

Today, I want to share the tips that helped me do just that.

#1. Define Your Terms

Take a few minutes to think about and write down the individual words and phrases that you use to describe your work. This doesn’t have to be a long or drawn out process. Set a timer for 5 minutes aaand GO!

Next, think of all the words that feel uncomfortable to you. These might be things you would never say aloud, industry jargon, buzz words or vocabulary that just isn’t you.

Keep these lists close by and run through them before you hit publish on your next social media broadcast.

BONUS TIP: share them with your team to help keep all correspondence, from in-house emails to community engagement, on brand.

#2. Create Consistent Biographies

Every social channel has space for you to write your biography and it’s oh-so important to use this to full effect. It may be a prospective client’s first impression of you.

While some channels impose character limits, such as Twitter and Instagram, and others don’t allow URL hyperlinks, like LinkedIn, there is still room for consistency.

Write out a few variations of your official bio, a long paragraph version and a shorter 1-2 sentence option. Using these as a foundation, you can build out bios with for each platform that are linked by a common thread.

For example, you may want to include the name of your flagship product, your title or the specific niche you serve and links to your homepage.

BONUS TIP: be sure to consult your list of terms and include relevant SEO keywords when developing your bios.

#3. Develop A Plan

Stepping back to write and analyze a number of posts at one time rather than posting on-the-fly ensures that you stay consistent with and true to your message.

{Of course, there’s still room for spontaneous posting! But, having a plan means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your branding basics are covered}.

Here are some of my favorite tools.

:: Content Calendar: designate different types of content for certain days of the month, week or even year using a content calendar. This makes the process of generating content that bit easier as you can break it down into categories {think: inspiration; blog posts; questions etc.}

:: Post Tracker: use an excel or Google sheet to plot out your copy. I like to work two weeks in advance.

:: Image Library: to keep all of your on brand shots in one place. This could be a shared team folder on Dropbox, for instance.

:: Scheduling Software: sign up for the likes of Hootsuite or Buffer to help you schedule posts for future publishing. {Psst: both offer free accounts if you just want to get your feet wet}.

BONUS TIP: it’s okay to share different types of content on each social channel. In fact, I encourage it! By using your key terms, planning in advance and ensuring your message can been seen and heard throughout, you’ll be sure to stay on brand no matter what the platform.

momblog2Andrea Genevieve Townson is the founder of an online marketing boutique Andrea Genevieve Creative where she helps creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and moms in business define the voice, vision and visuals of their brand.

She is the mom of two {almost three} and bounces between being a work-from-home mom and stay-at-home-make-sure-the-kids-don’t-get-hurt-until-dad-gets-home kinda mom. Her family spends lots of time outdoors exploring Austin, TX during Field Trip Fridays while savoring breakfast tacos and supporting local businesses.

A lover of champagne and sunsets, Andrea holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from St.Bonaventure University in upstate NY. She has spent the last 10 years working in various niches of corporate, non-profit and small business Marketing. She is passionate about social media and digital communication.

Read more about her thoughts on life, motherhood, entrepreneurship at andreagenevieve.com.

There you have it, bombshell!

Any questions? Pop Andrea a message in the comments below.




P.S. If you’re struggling to figure out what your core messages are, try this

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