How To Stand Out & Be Memorable

It was a random Tuesday in 2010, I sat in a hip, lively downtown Austin coffee shop sipping on an Iced Turbo {which is exactly as strong as it sounds!} — when it hit me.

After years of sharing other people’s stories, it was finally time to start sharing my own.

It was scary. I’d been trained in the strict rules of journalism for a better part of a decade to perfect the art of being impartial, share only the facts, and to avoid adding even the slightest hint of my emotions or feelings. And I had come to feel safe within these rules, in fact, I’d enjoyed making a name for myself as a reporter for NBC delivering daily stories to millions.

Now I was on untested ground. I was about to launch my own online business and realized that the biggest hurdle to my success was me.

My unwillingness to get personal meant that I wasn’t willing to take a stand for my work and truly be seen as a whole person, experiences, feelings and all.

At the time, my work was in helping women get over heartbreak, so the story I was most focused on sharing was that of my own still-wounded heart post-breakup. It felt raw, but also innately freeing, and absolutely necessary.

Here’s why:

I had poured thousands of moments into creating just the right tools to help women get on with their lives. I’d developed just the right look for my website, laboring over each color choice, design element and word. I even hired a stylist so I could feel fresh and confident in lovely new photos. I was poised and ready to make dramatic impact on my clients’ lives.

I knew there were thousands of women who truly needed my work. I believed in what I was creating.

And I realized if they didn’t know I existed, all of the work would be for nothing. I would never be able to make the impact I intended.

So, by my final sip of coffee, I gathered my gumption and left determined to give people a chance to see me, connect with me, and to know me by sharing myself through my key stories… starting with my un-glamorous breakup.

And I believe it was that decision that enabled me to…

  • be a guest on the TODAY Show within a month of launching {and get gobs of other media attention};
  • grow a loyal national following in a few short months;
  • and give thousands of women new perspective on heartbreak within my first year in business.

This is why I believe that it’s crucial for you to know your key stories… and more than that, to know how to use them to help you win clients and make impact with your brand.

3 things I want you to do right now:

1. Write down specific moments in your life & business that have had lasting effects.

2. Make sure you’re not just including the bright, cheery stuff, remember that sometimes the most connection comes from sharing the ugly bits. Lessons learned, big failures, overcoming fears…

3. Begin to pay attention to where you could inject story into your work and your words on a daily basis.

Your stories are your greatest opportunity to stand out and be memorable. They’re your way to connect with your audience and leave them feeling moved & inspired.

I see so many brilliant entrepreneurs and leaders who aren’t doing using their stories to their full potential, and it pains me to know how much possibility they’re leaving on the table. It’s exactly why I created SPARK, a 3-day message & media training {*cough* self-expression soiree} geared toward finding your voice and igniting your brand like never before.

We kick off on January 25th aaand there’s still time to grab your spot. {Or mark your diary for our October event!}.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll learn… 

  • … how to use your unique stories to compel any audience
  • … how to establish your core message, know why it matters, and how to use it;
  • … how to sink into the “YOU-ness” of your voice;
  • … how to captivate any audience & speak with soul.

But, don’t just take it from me. Pop on over here to grab the details of the event {think intimate setting with a lovely group of people in a beautiful space…} and hear directly from SPARK alumni.

Questions? Say hello and don’t be shy! You can reach me at




P.S. If you can’t make it to Austin, TX this month but still want to begin crafting your stories and key messages, try this on for size. I think it just might help!

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