Behind the Bombshell: Alexandra Franzen

Every once in a blue moon, while tumbling down the internet rabbit hole, you stumble across someone so magnetic and beautiful in their self-ness, you instantly fall in love.

That’s who Alexandra Franzen is to me.

Alexandra Franzen

I found her two years ago and gobbled up every ounce of writing on her site. Her emails still make me smile every time they pop into my inbox. And I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her speak in person. The raw beauty of her pure self-expression and her ease of language is breathtaking. And that’s why I wanted to share her with you.

Buckle up for a powerful Behind the Bombshell interview. Press play now and watch a true wordsmith in action… speaking her life’s work live on screen. It’s a gorgeous thing to witness and the whole reason behind these interviews.

I want you to see how powerful language is, and how much you can share + connect + be understood if you know how to speak with purpose. I believe language can create new possibilities for all of us. For our businesses, for our lives, for our relationships and for our impact on the planet.

Join me in witnessing Alexandra’s awesomeness.

What were you most impacted by as you watched?  In the comments below, share with me your biggest take-away. Let Alexandra know she’s been seen + heard + understood.  And say thank you. There’s no greater gift.


xx comma ellie


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