Lessons From A Bombshell-In-Training

I’m so excited to share this letter from Natalie, a former Media Bombshell intern. She’s dishing her story as a bombshell-in-training and her most cherished take-aways from life on the job: never be afraid to be yourself and ALWAYS bring a notepad. 

Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself

My favorite video on Ellie’s YouTube channel is, “How To Show Your Personality On Camera”. For those of you who have met the boss bombshell herself, you know that her insistence in using exaggerated hand gestures and statement necklaces is very true. Ellie never feels the need to censor her personality for the sake of professionalism.

I’m a great fan of combat boots and long messy curls and have come to recognize that choosing to highlight my personality actually boosts my confidence. In accepting my quirks, I’ve become more present and attentive to the task at hand, whatever it may be, rather than hiding out in discomfort, attempting to be someone that I’m not.

A bombshell never hides who she is. She radiates her true self.

Bring A Notepad

The art of taking notes cannot be underestimated! It has been a requirement in my education to date, as I jot down notes from my fast-talking professors, and a major plus in getting the most from any and all events at Bombshell HQ and beyond.  I always carry a notebook with me and recommend that you give it a go too. With our attention spaces getting shorter and shorter, having a written reminder of the nuggets of wisdom shared throughout each day is a must.

A bombshell always comes prepared soak up just as much as she can.

Getting a behind the scenes look at a successful and smart woman growing her business is more than I ever expected from any internship and I am so grateful for it. In the next couple of months I’ll begin my own training for a career in Education. All that I’ve gained from this experience will follow me to the next, as I step down from Media Bombshell and into the role of Teaching Bombshell.

Thank you to Ellie and to all of the incredible Media Bombshell clients I had the opportunity to work with. You made this internship fun, memorable and valuable. I encourage you all to continue your work and to inspire the next cohort of bombshells.

Best wishes,


{Media Bombshell Intern May 2014-Dec 2015}

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