My Bombshell Manifesto

Bombshell: (n) someone who is sensationally shocking, vibrant, unique & delightfully daring

I believe that everyone has an inner-bombshell, just waiting to be set free.
And that your story is incredibly valuable and 100% unique.
I believe that everyone is fully capable of living the life of their dreams.
And that you can change your business, your life and the world with the power of your voice.

I am declaring 2012 { The Year of The Bombshell } and this is my creed:

1. Eliminate the bullshit (all the stuff you’re doing because you think you should).
2. Be honest with yourself and others — even when it’s tough.
3. Shock the hell out of yourself, and everyone else, by doing what scares you.
4. Create a bombshell strategy and LIVE IT!
5. Chase your dreams without apology… and never settle for less.

Let’s start a revolution.
Don’t think. Just go.
Let’s support each other along the way.
Fear nothing except staying the same.
Let’s not wait for a better time.
Begin setting the world ablaze. Today.



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