Bombshell Spotlight ~ Nadya Andreeva

What does it mean to be a bombshell?

If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find things like: (n) someone having a sudden & sensational effect.

or (n) someone who is stunning, vibrant, daring and completely captivating

or (n) someone who makes undeniable & long-lasting impact

I created the Bombshell Spotlight series as a way to introduce you to people who truly are bombshells… and to allow you to experience their presence, hear them speak about their message and to offer a bit of their wisdom.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Nadya Andreeva…. a dear friend and total bombshell.

Nadya is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book on digestive health for women Happy Belly: A Woman’s Guide to Feeling Vibrant, Light, and Balanced. Professionally trained in mindful eating, yoga, and positive psychology, Nadya helps women create a healthy relationship with food that honors their body’s unique chemistry and eliminates bloating and irregularity. She’s  a wellness expert for MindBodyGreen and is sought out as an ayurveda and digestion expert by Women’s Health, Well&Good, Yoga Journal, Self, Examiner, and Redbook magazine.

Hear her tips on how to get attention for a book, plus get a taste of her expertise:

Psst: Did you hear about The Beautiful Plate Challenge?

Nadya also wanted to make sure you know about a challenge she’s got for you that starts today!

The Beautiful Plate challenge is 14-days of pleasure-inducing practices that will take only a few minutes daily and have a powerful impact on your digestion, internal trust (self-trust), and your ability to stay true to what you know is best for you.You can learn more about the challenge and sign up here.

Each day, starting TODAY, Nadya will send you a special prompt designed to bring more beauty into your life, increase your confidence, and make eating a joyful experience again.

Read all about it here.



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