Bombshell Spotlight ~ Tolly Moseley

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What does it mean to be a bombshell?

If you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find things like: (n) someone having a sudden & sensational effect.

or (n) someone who is stunning, vibrant, daring and completely captivating

or (n) someone who makes undeniable & long-lasting impact

I created the Bombshell Spotlight series as a way to introduce you to people who truly are bombshells… and to allow you to experience their presence, hear them speak about their message and to offer a bit of their wisdom.

Today, I’m oh-so excited to introduce you to Tolly Moseley. One of my favorite people in the whole world and a total bombshell!

Psst. if the picture above wasn’t a big enough clue, this episode of Bombshell Spotlight is pretty special indeed!



Tolly Moseley is a writer and aerialist based in Austin, Texas, which means that half of her life is spent flying through the air {yes, really!}, and the other half hunched over a computer. As a writer, her work has appeared on Salon, The Atlantic, and on-stage with the touring national show “Mortified.” She is also a regular arts and culture writer for her local newspaper, The Austin American-Statesman, and co-host of their weekly culture podcast, “Statesman Shots.” As an aerialist, she is a company member of Rapt Aerial Dance, and has opened for national acts such as Willie Nelson. When she’s not writing or flying, she’s playing with her brand new baby and / or not-so-new husband, or telling stories on her blog,

What I love love love about this woman is how she has unabashedly created a most beautiful life that combines everything that she’s ever wanted to do and be.

The cherry on top? Tolly is so generously sharing her behind-the-scenes with us today. Click play, bombshell. You’re in for a treat.

Inspired? Yes, me too!

Be sure to leave a love note for Tolly and declare your next steps in the comments below: what’s the one thing that you can do today to bring you closer to actually living your passions, rather than just thinking about them?

Oh, and here are those links that we mentioned…

It’s time for action, bombshell. Let’s make magic!


P.S. Although Tolly has already wowed during the show mentioned in the interview, you can check out all upcoming performances right here. xx


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