Are you ready to captivate?

I want to live in a world where women and men are creating the change they want to see and they’re using the power of their voices to do it.

I want more of us to feel the freedom of sharing our brilliance without any “shoulds” getting in the way.

I want you to feel the power of connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

I’m so tired of women and men feeling like they’re not ready, not good enough or just don’t know how to speak about their work {on camera and off} in a meaningful and effective way. I’m here to change that.

In the last three years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from around the globe, helping them to hone in on their genius zone, master their message and share it in a way that makes others feel their words on a soul level. As part of my audience, hopefully you’ve gotten a taste of the power of my work.

Until now, I’ve only worked with private clients over the course of multiple months {or condensed the months into a single, inspiration-packed day}, at two and a half day retreats, and in a month-long course focused solely on interviews.

But, over the last several months, I’ve noticed a deep drive to reach more women with my mission—to give them all of my best insights, tips and tools from years of working for NBC as a reporter and years of being the spokesperson for my business. To create community among the visionaries I get to work with and allow them to grow together.

So, I’ve created a spectacular group program called Captivate. It’s all about learning how to harness your voice and share your message in powerful snippets through interviews, videos and in everyday conversation. It’s an online course that teaches you how to generate purpose-driven blog videos, passion-filled media interviews and powerful, heart-forward ways to speak about your work so you can captivate in any setting.


Each month there will be two 90-minute online trainings {that will be recorded in case you have a scheduling conflict}, plus there will be a live Q+A to get specific questions answered. Then, because you know how much I love action, every fourth week is an action week to put the tools you’ve learned into your work + your words. Of course, I’ll also have games and prizes {because they make everything more fun!}.

I’ll be covering things like: getting to your core message, cultivating your unique voice, how to use stories and your most essential speaking points. I’ll also dive into mindset & the barriers that keep us from really showing up, plus how we come across & what matters most for powerful delivery. I’ll even have pointers for creating powerful videos and mastering interviews.

Hop on over here to read all about what I’ve been pouring my soul into… I’m pretty darn excited to finally share it with you.

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