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While I’m blissfully away on maternity leave nurturing my bundle of joy, we’ve invited incredible leaders from different fields to speak about what they know best. I hope that the stories shared will inspire action and reflection within you, as they undoubtedly have within me.

Today, Caroline Zwickson, a friend and colleague, is sharing her incredible professional evolution. You’re going to love it! Make sure you make her feel right at home with lots of love in the comments. 

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I graduated with my M.A. in Counseling Psychology but deep down, just months before I crossed the stage, I knew that becoming a traditional therapist who “diagnosed” her patients according to the DSM, was tied to one physical location, and presented herself as an anonymous, blank slate was not what my heart desired.

I had this -secret at the time- desire to be location independent and to create a community where women could heal, learn to see their desires clearly and step out courageously to create incredible lives.

But I was scared. What would I do if I wasn’t going to become a therapist?

It was the path I knew how to pursue. The profession I had been trained in. It was what everyone expected of me.

I needed new direction. I needed new skills. I needed role models, mentors and friends who could support me in my unique path. I knew that “traditional” wasn’t going to make me happy.

And yet, despite all that clarity, I was scared. And, I was deeply sceptical as to whether I could succeed.

When I discovered the term “life-coach” I was intrigued but worried that it didn’t sound academic or professional enough. Was it too flimsy, even woo-woo?

Putting such doubts and judgments aside, over the course of 4 years I built a successful life-coaching business that I adored. It gave me all the inspiration I desired, I felt like I made a true difference, and I was location independent.

And then, I got the itch again… something didn’t entirely fit anymore.

While building my business I had gotten married, become a mom and had faced hormonal struggles when I stopped taking the birth control pill. Not satisfied to follow my doctor’s suggestion to go back on the pill, I began to seek natural solutions to balancing my hormones.

That changed everything.

With the help of excellent mentors I healed my hormonal imbalances naturally and became totally obsessed with the subject of women’s health. I entered a 1-year intensive training program as a women’s health coach that focused on pelvic and hormonal health and completed an apprenticeship with a hormonal health expert.

Everything I learned not only allowed me to heal and to take charge of my own health but it also allowed me to conceive naturally, have a beautiful pregnancy and an easy post-partum healing period.

I was hooked and I knew that something needed to change in my business. I needed to let women know about the tools I had discovered over the years.

Everywhere I looked, I was seeing women who were struggling to get pregnant and new moms who had a challenging time postpartum. They were alone and without the guidance that I had been so lucky to have. I wanted to help them and I knew I could.

There was just one thing: I was scared… again.

I had just gotten my life-coaching business to a point where I wasn’t constantly scrambling for new clients and now my heart told me to change direction yet again.

A totally new website.

A completely new voice and content strategy.

A different target audience.

I felt guilty. I believed that I was letting down the readers and followers who had known me as Caroline Zwickson, the lifecoach, for so long.

I felt scared. I believed that switching paths would take me back to square one. I was terrified of having a baby at home and paying for nanny help yet not making enough money.

Yet, I knew that I had no choice. How? Because every single time any of my new mom friends would mention anything about their hormones or how they were struggling postpartum physically or emotionally I wanted to jump up, whip out my notepad and share that everything I knew.

And so, I allowed my business and my mission to evolve. I followed my calling, even though I was terrified, and in doing so I’ve come to realize that…

… you cannot stop real desire. You cannot deny your own authenticity. You cannot silence a voice that needs to be heard.

Instead of trying to keep yourself safe and small, dare to explore your curiosities.

Dare to play with your desires.

Dare to step over your fears and follow your intuition.

It’s always got your back.

IMG_1995edited smallCaroline Zwickson, M.A. is a Certified Women’s Health & Life Coach and the creator of the Well Mama program. She combines her education, trainings and extensive experience in Counseling Psychology and women’s hormonal health and life coaching to support new moms in their recovery from pregnancy and their new identity as a mother as well as women who desire to get pregnant naturally. She focuses on helping her clients create optimal hormonal balance and emotional well-being through functional nutrition, positive psychology, and lifestyle adjustments so they can flourish in motherhood and in life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Caroline’s coaching is based on the philosophy that knowing how to nourish yourself in a way that promotes hormonal balance and having a close, loving relationship with yourself is the best possible preparation for a successful pregnancy, a smooth postpartum experience, and a joyful motherhood. Her approach to women’s fertility and motherhood is based on positivity and the firm belief that women have an immense capacity for creation, healing and bringing joy and beauty to the world.

Caroline has been featured in The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Your Bella Life, The Beauty Bean and Cafe Truth. She has spoken at companies like Martha Stewart Living, Yelp, AMEX, Twitter, and Charity Water. You can find out more about her at carolinezwickson.com and download her free 5-step Healthy Happy Mama Guide here.

Pop your questions and insights in the comments below or reach out to Caroline directly over on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!




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