Here’s what we can do today…

American flag waving

Right now we have a choice. This is our defining moment.

Each of us gets to choose who we want to be as an American, Republican or Democrat, and how we choose our words.

Listen, your words have enormous power.

What you speak, and especially what you share online makes an impact. Every person reading it feels it, whether they want to or not, and has a reaction.

I am not going to tell you how to feel, except to say that I hope you feel whatever you’re feeling fully, let it absorb you, move through you, shift you and inform you.

There are no wrong feelings.

But, I can’t sit by and watch so many people speak and share hate-filled or divisive words, threaten this country or its’ future leader, or speak of fleeing to other countries, and not speak up.

I propose this: instead of blaming others, hating those who don’t share our views, or running away, we choose to dig in.

We go deeper.

We find ways to engage with each other, to embrace and admire our differences, to share our truths, to speak up for what we believe more than ever.

My dad shared a piece of advice with me when I started working for NBC as a reporter.

He’d say, “everything that can go wrong in live TV will at some point. What matters is how you react to it.”

Now, whether you believe the country suffered a crippling defeat or a shocking and delightful victory, I invite you to choose your reaction fully.

Choose your words understanding their power.

Choose how you use your voice today, and each day moving forward.

And, as Gandhi so eloquently said, “become the change you wish to see in the world” right now, in this very moment.

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