Do you ever think maybe you just weren’t meant to be on camera?

So often I’ll be talking to someone about the incredible work I get to do, and they’ll say something like:

Yes, but some people are just naturally great on camera!


Easy for you to say, you’re such a natural!!


You can’t tell me that everyone can make a great spokesperson for their brand…


Now, let me give it to you straight.

First of all, some people are born to be in the spotlight and have this gift of looking fabulous on camera. I would say that’s less than 1% of us. The reality is that most people are absolutely not born with it, but they understand exactly how powerful the medium can be, and they work hard to become sensational on camera.

I happen to be one of those people. If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you’ve probably seen me reference being shy as a child, being uncertain of my voice, or wanting to run away before my first live shot when I started as a reporter for NBC. Being on camera was absolutely not a natural thing for me (as I’m guessing it’s not for you), but it has become natural through sheer determination, repetition and skill-building.



Which brings me to the final myth: that some people are simply incapable of becoming fabulous spokespersons. I truly believe that the only people who fit into this category are the ones who have no desire to learn. I often say that being a great spokesperson is simply a process of acquiring a new skill set: understanding your message and knowing how to deliver that message for the most impact. It’s simply a matter of how much time + energy you’re willing to put into this area of your development.

I believe that if you truly want to become stunning on video or you are ready to acquire the tools to nail your next media interview, absolutely nothing will be able to stop you from learning everything you need to know. So, it’s really just a matter of you {or anyone else} making the decision. Will it be easy? Easier for some than others, but the bottom line is you’ll be playing with new ideas, changing up patterns that may have been in place for decades, and really digging into the power of language. Will it be fun? If I have anything to do with it, I sure hope so. Will it be worth it? 100%. Absolutely. Hell yes.

Don’t let some silly idea of what a spokesperson should be get in the way of you owning your voice & shouting your message from the rooftops. We’d all miss out if you did.


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