Does Your Messaging Thrill You?

Really, bombshell, does your messaging thrill you? Do you get excited when you talk about your business? Do you speak about it in a way that really shows your passion for what you do?

Or, are you stuck in a rut, rhyming off the same one-liner, over and over?

In today’s video, I’m challenging you to crack open your stories, your big why, your philosophies. I want you to share your brand with gusto once again. Let’s bring it to life, bombshell.

Ready to dive right in?! In the comments below, tell me about your business, in a way that really thrills you. Don’t hold back, get playful, bombshell!


  1. Donald Keith Stanley said:

    Thank you for helping me regain focus on my mission. The book is out and I’ve had a tendency to cower in response to my workload. This is the first video of yours that I’ve watched since I took your course back in October (which I would recommend to anyone!). So, I’m hitching up my pants, allowing a smile to cross my face, and beginning the refinement of my message. I won’t miss another video, I promise. Take care. Keith.


    • Ellie said:

      Keith!!! Congrats on your book being out. That’s awesome. Remember– what people really want is YOU. And to feel the passion that you have for your book (I know you’ve got plenty!). Go get ’em tiger!


  2. Nicole Zaagman said:

    I <3 sharing with others that I help women in empty nest transition discover their purpose & follow their dreams! Just envisioning the women who I have worked with and seeing their eyes light up and get excited about what there here to do makes me excited to share and connect with other like-minded souls.


  3. Peggy said:

    I love talking about what I do, however I often have difficulty expressing it in a single statement. As a psychotherapist/coach/guide, I provide hope and healing for survivors of childhood abuse, helping them live the life they were meant to live.

    Thank you, Ellie, for helping (challenging) me express my passion :).


    • Ellie said:

      Peggy, I’m so happy this helped. I know just how tricky it can be, especially when you’ve been IN your work for some time, to break it down into it’s simplest and most captivating form. Keep playing and have fun with this piece of it! Being able to express what you do in a way that lights others up is the key to winning clients!


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