How To Make Inspiration Strike {…with a few of my favorite things!}

I believe that inspiration ebbs and flows because it would simply be too overwhelming if we were always at the peak of inspiration.

I mean, it would be like having that tingly sensation of total infatuation constantly, or that feeling – when you’re six years old – on Christmas Eve where you can barely pretend to sleep because you’re just so. dang. excited. for the next day.

And yet, if you’re anything like me {or my clients}, the brilliant that work you’re doing doesn’t exactly have the same rhythm.

So, when inspiration doesn’t strike naturally, here are a few of my favorite things to tempt it into visiting…


Sip on some delightful tea meant for the season, like Wintertime by Kusmi Tea.productimage-picture-many-thanks-dot-1582

Write a little something to a loved one on a scrumptious note from Sugar Paper, Los Angeles.


Soake in a tub filled with Sake Bath by Fresh.



And, of course, nibble on some delightful dark chocolate from Dagoba.


What inspires you when creativity isn’t coming naturally? Dish in the comments below, bombshell!


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