How To Get Your Priorities Straight

Today, I want to share the Weeky Update worksheet that we use at Media Bombshell HQ.

I know how easy to get distracted by things that don’t really matter… and I’ve seen how taking a few minutes each week to fill out this form can keep an entire team focused on the right priorities.


{Click here to download your copy!}




Taking you out of the endless to-do list mentality and into a place of clarity, productivity and ease.

Remember, a yes or no really is enough.

Don’t berate yourself over why something hasn’t yet been completed. Your time is precious, and wasting energy on why things haven’t happened isn’t worth it. Instead, simply put it at the top of your list for the week to come and get to work.

Bonus tip: share this with your team. It’s a fun way to connect and to gain an understanding of what everyone is focusing on {or spot if there needs to be some course correction}. Plus, it keeps everyone accountable.

I dare you to dive in right now, bombshell. 

Pop your three priorities for this week in the comments below. Or print out the worksheet and shoot me a picture to share on Facebook.

Let’s make this week count!

Aaand, if you’re unsure of what your priorities are, take a peek at this post: How To Be Productive.

It will help you to break down your lofty goals into bite sized chunks that you can then start to include on your Weekly Update.




P.S. Know someone who might benefit from this? If so, I’d love for you to share it. Thanks, bombshell!

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