getting ready for a live event…

So, I’m about to host my Media Bombshell Intensive and I positively can’t wait for Thursday to arrive.

I am so excited to see how the eight lovely souls evolve over our time together… how they learn to channel their messages, strengthen their voices and move people with their interviews, videos and talks. I am eager to get the party started and dive right in to the juicy stuff.

And, a huge part of the workshop is based on my ability to use language effectively to set the tone, add huge value and inspire the people in the room. Now, I know you might not have the same exact situation coming up this week, but you might have something that you have to prepare… so I figured it would be interesting for you to know how I get ready.

Here are the steps I take:

{know my audience}

I really try to get a sense of who will be in the room by checking out their websites, checking out their blogs and Youtube channels, and googling them. I read bios and see how they represent their brands.

hint: you can do this to prep for a media interview, speaking engagement or video shoot… how you learn about them may vary, but the idea that you get to know your audience is key.

Why? Understanding your audience is a huge step in truly being able to connect with them. And I think, ultimately, you have to be able to connect with your audience in order to get them to take action & create change in their own lives.


{prep but don’t memorize}

I’ve put together outlines of what I plan to teach each day, but my motto here is, “Keep it simple.” I am NOT a fan of memorizing scripts for anything, ever. I AM a fan of getting comfortable with the content you’re going to teach and having bullet points to follow to keep focus.

hint: you can try this for videos or speaking events as well!

Why? I believe that memorizing can truly rob your content of any emotion and fluidity. Have you ever noticed when you go to say something for the 50th time, it feels stale and cold? That’s because when you shift your brain to focusing on getting the words exactly right, you shift away from the meaning behind what you’re saying.


{leave room to play}

I love to have plenty of space built in to my teachings each day. That’s because I want room to play with the content and see what the audience needs. If I pack the day too tightly with content, I feel like it’s harder to be present in the moment & really be with the room.

Why? I truly believe that some of the best moments happen when they’re totally natural. And as long as I have a focus and some powerful bullet points, feeling the freedom & flexibility to play gives me a chance to be more creative. For me, that’s when the magic happens.


So, how do you prepare for a live event or talk? I’d love to hear about what works for you and what you’re going to try from today’s tidbits.


  1. Donna Jones said:

    Hi Ellie,
    Interesting topic, thanks. Like you I try to focus on what my workshop participants are going to want to learn, and totally agree re the not scripting – if you make every effort to know your stuff, then a planned but flexible structure is all you need and allows you to respond to individuals and group dynamics to ensure you achieve the objectives but in a fun and relaxed environment. I am guilty at times of trying to cram a bit too much in though, I guess because I am keen to share as much as I can – but am learning that less can be more, folks don’t want to feel overwhelmed and you need that bit room to play.

    I hope your event went well 🙂


    • Ellie said:

      Donna! I totally understand the feeling of wanting to give people everything & cramming in loads of content, and I’m happy to see you playing with what feels right to you & your audience. Such good stuff.

      The event was just fantastic, thanks. 😉



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