Have you seen this?

Every once in a while, I run across a video that I just feel like sharing with you.

Today, I want to share one that Dell put together and tell you three reasons why it’s brilliant. First, check it out:

What did you think?

Here’s my take:

1. I believe we all want to be moved and inspired… and that requires messages with emotion. This video does that. It makes us feel something. It moves us. And that is reason enough to celebrate it.

2. Great videos tell a story. This one does that by weaving several stories together through the Dell story. It’s a creative way to remind us of a brand we think we already know, and share a different part of the history with us.

3. It makes us think about what’s possible. Each of the businesses the video mentions is a powerhouse, and it simply makes us realize that bug shifts are possible in the world, and perhaps even in our own ideas & our own businesses.


So, the next time you go to make a video, I challenge you to think about how you could add any of these elements into your storytelling & play with your message.


xx comma ellie


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