How To Be Productive

how to reach your goals

I know you, bombshell. 

You’re passionate about your message, your mission. 

You’re ready to reach a bigger audience.

You’re ready to be heard, to be seen.

But, you’re drowning under endless to-do lists, lofty goals with little structure and stuck in the day-to-day tasks.

I get it, I’ve been there too.

So today, I want to share with you the 3-step productivity tool that’s really working for me and my team.

#1. Choose One Goal & Give Yourself 90 Days

Just one goal?!

I know, it doesn’t seem like much but, it will be. Choose the goal that will move you closest to where you want to be or where you want your business & your message to be. What goal aligns itself most with your company vision or the resolutions that you wrote down a the beginning of the year? Let the menial everyday tasks fall away, for now. Think big, bombshell. 

Why ninety days?

It gives you enough time to really accomplish something whilst also keeping the timeline relatively short so that you must focus on it every day in order to achieve it.

#2. Break It Down. 

Alright, so let’s say that your one goal in the next ninety days is to market your business in three new ways: on social media; on YouTube; and, via in person networking.

The key to making this happen is converting this lofty endeavor into daily action. Break it down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks.

Bonus tip: slay the dragon; eat the frog…! You know that task that you’ve been avoiding? Do it first. You’ll be glad of it!

#3. Create Ritual.

If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist!

Create time to engage in pursuit of your goal, every day {or as often as is feasible within your own business structure}.

Ask yourself… 

  • … what did I do yesterday to move closer to achieving this goal?
  • … what am I going today / tomorrow to move closer to achieving this goal?

You can add a little luxury to this step too, bombshell. I like to light a candle, pour myself some herbal tea and use one of my favorite journals. Plus, scribbling a gratitude note alongside these questions provides positive affirmation and keeps me motivated to continue. {This is especially important on those days were it’s feeling harder!}.

Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goal with me in the comments below or over on Twitter. I can’t wait to see what the next ninety days brings!

*And, while you’re at it, make space to engage in some reflection and forward planning once a week. Even if you can set aside 15 minutes to start, you’ll be amazing at what a huge impact it will make.




P.S. After a brief hiatus, I’m back on Facebook and loving it! Come play, bombshell. 

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