How To Be Remembered For Your Mission

There’s nothing more powerful than someone who knows exactly who they are and what wisdom they bring to the camera, stage or each conversation. 

There’s one thing I always come back to with my clients: if you want to truly connect with your audience while speaking about your work {especially on camera}, relax & be your splendid self.

But, I know it doesn’t come naturally for most of  us. I get it. 

My inbox is always bursting with questions from women in business asking how to change how they look or move or sound on camera. Sometimes, there are things that we can tweak to help our on screen presence.

And sure, we could spend hours doing exercises to make you “perfect” but is that what people really want? Is that what you really want when you watch your favorite thought leaders in action?

No. I didn’t think so.

We want a human being. A polished human being, perhaps. But a human being none the less.

My advice? Be your best self, but still be YOU. 

We all have idiosyncrasies & quirks. It’s part of what makes us unique! And, it’s what we love about those who inspire us in turn. It’s that very human connection that makes us hit subscribe on YouTube or grab a ticket to a live event.

I believe that we ought to spend more time focusing on the story, the soundbites and how we’re going to make huge impact on the world. And, a whole lot less time trying to package ourselves into a watered down version of who we really are.

Check out this intro video I created for my first website, Pink Kisses, when it launched in 2010. I want you to listen to how I tell my story and see what you notice most about the video.

Now, here’s the backstory.

I worked in TV news for seven years. During that time, I was told that…

  • … I should keep my hair straight because curls were too distracting;
  • … I should stop moving my hands so much;
  • … and my natural tendency to look off camera when I spoke was too much.

So what did I do in the video?

I wore my hair curly, moved my hands as much as I wanted and looked off camera when I felt like it.

Why? Because it’s more authentically me.

Two Questions:

  • Did you notice any of those things while you were watching?
  • Did you care? Meaning, did it take away from the story?

Instead of focusing on your idiosyncrasies, focus on your message.

Wow me with your insights. Talk to me in meaningful & concise soundbites.

I’ll like you for being human, and remember you for your mission.




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Be Remembered For Your Mission

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