How to Clarify your Core Messages

What is a core message?

It’s a sentence or two that describes an essential pillar of your brand. It’s something that truly is a fundamental piece of what you do, how you do it or why you do it.

If you are able to clarify your core messages, and use them in conversation {or on videos or in interviews} you’re able to instantly give the audience a sense of who you are & the work that you do. That’s why core messages are so important to own.

And yet, I have so many people say there are simply too many pieces to their message, or their brand is too vast to break down everything they do into a few key soundbytes. I disagree. I think this is not only possible for everyone + every brand, but it’s vital.

Which is exactly why I created today’s video. Take a look:


Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, share one of your core messages & tell me how you identified it for your brand. I can;t wait to hear all about it!

Let’s get this party started.



  1. Sandy said:

    One of my core messages is leading by example. I identified this in my work when I realized we all can impact those around us even if we interact for a brief moment. I wondered about the messages I have left and KNEW moving forward that if I was going to leave a piece of me, then it would be for the bettering of this world, not contributing to what is wrong about it.


  2. Judith said:

    My core message is to help entrepreneurial mums feel and be successful in both business and the ‘business’ of parenting.
    When you’re a parent running a successful business, you can feel split in two (or more!) and have oodles of guilt loitering around. When you’re working (from home) you can feel guilty you’re not spending time with the children and perversely, when spending time with the children you can feel as though you’re not giving them 1000% because your mind is on the business. It can be a 5 star guilt trip in the making. Women entrepreneurs can be great in business and raising children! 🙂


    • Patricia said:

      you’re absolutely right. having to balance “changing the world” and being the best mom you could be is a tough job! I wanted to give my all to my profession, zone out in the craft but i also want to spend all of my time to my 2-month old baby. I want to see her smile and talk to her all the time.. I guess it’s a learning process but i guess i’m getting there. to all the moms out there, I salute you!


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