How to Connect with Influencers & Get Known

Do you ever notice that there are some people, maybe even in your industry, who are so dang connected? They are the go-to experts, the ones who always get asked to speak, or who seem to be constantly featured in the media or on your favorite blogs?

I bet you do.

And, if you’re anything like my clients, I bet you’d like to be connected in that way, to find your spotlight with ease and get known for your gifts and beautiful work.

That’s why I asked Selena Soo to share some of her brilliant insights in this month’s Bombshell Spotlight.

Selena SooSelena Soo is a business strategist and publicity coach for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors. She helps her clients increase their visibility, build powerful relationships with influencers and the media, and develop solid business strategies so they can reach the masses with their message. Selena writes for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Positively Positive.

We dive into who you should be building a relationship with and how to get on their radar {in a thoughtful way}, as well as the biggest mistakes that people make when connecting with influencers {so you don’t have to!}.

And, to spice it up a bit, we created an audio only interview so you can listen at your leisure.

Check it out:


Or, if you’d like to download it control / right click here and ‘save as’ {you can then drag to iTunes and sync to your device}.

Aaaaand, you can just hop on over here to get more of Selena’s juicy teaching in the free training she mentioned…

So, who are you just dying to connect with? Using these tips, how can you make it a reality in 2015? Dish in the comments below.



  1. Elizabeth said:

    This is such a tremendous resource!! I love what Selena is doing. Her free webinar is powerful, as are her newsletters. Proof connecting with influencers requires patience and offering value, and that it’s possible for everyone to do.


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