How To Network With Moxie & Purpose

Earlier this week, a client of mine was jetting off to an event that held oh so much promise for networking opportunities. Before he hopped on his flight, I sent him a few key reminders for how to network with moxie and purpose. Today, I’m sharing them with you!

#1. Be curious, ask questions and really listen before “selling”. That way, you can get a sense of who people really are, their business models and both their personal & professional goals. With this knowledge you can see how your product or service might best serve them and therefore tailor your communication in that way.

Your goal is to be memorable.


When possible, do a bit of research to learn something about the person or their company before you chat. You’ll stand out if you make them feel like they are the most important person you’re meeting with during the event. And, you do that by being genuinely interested.


#​2. Show your personality and have some fun! You’re at an awesome event, getting to meet interesting people and talk about fascinating topics like how you’re going to save the world together! Remember this is the good stuff. You’re one of the lucky ones.

Your goal is to have as much fun as possible.​


Be the fun, playful bombshell that I know you are and don’t be afraid to use your personality to your advantage. Talk to each person as if they’re already a trusted friend. Sound like fun? It should be!


#3. Go out of your way to reach out to 3 potential partners that you’d love to have one day. The big guns. The ones who could impact your business in the most critical way. Remember, you’re not selling to them but starting a relationship.


Your goal is to leave them wanting more.


Do your research and introduce yourself. Tell them something that you love about their company or how they’ve built it. Let them ask questions about who you are and what you do.

Don’t be too eager to talk about partnership {yet}. This is about putting in the face time so that you can build a powerful relationship in the long run.

I want to hear from you, bombshell! What’s your favorite tip & when are you going to put it into action?

Go get ’em tiger. You’ve got this!

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