4 Ways To Rise up, Speak Out & Make Huge Impact

This. Woman. Rocks.

Danielle La Porte is true inspiration to me.  She pushes me to chase my dreams, expand my comfort zone and {my favorite} create badass video messaging.

She’s the kind of thought leader that you just cannot get enough of.

She’s a rockstar.

She’s addictive.

And, she’s spot-on with her messaging.

I adore this video, a promotion for her book, The Fire Starter Sessions.

Here’s why it works: 

  • it’s direct & not at all boring;
  • it’s bold, concise, confident & meaningful;
  • it makes you think, it makes you feel, it makes you want to try harder, be better, learn faster, do more.

And, here’s how: 

  • … she doesn’t waste an ounce of your time;
  • … she cuts right through the bullshit and gets to the heart of her content in two seconds flat;
  • … she makes huge impact with few words.

Now, it’s your turn…

Grab your favorite pen & notebook or whip open your Evernote tab and answer the following 4 questions…

  • … where can I eliminate the excess that gets in the way of my true message?
  • … how can I push myself to create more powerful content?
  • … how can I be unabashedly unique in my presentation?
  • … how can I say more with fewer words?

Stay accountable & commit by sharing your answers in the comments below or shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Let’s make a promise right now to not settle for creating mediocre videos {or brands} ever again.

Let’s become who we’re longing to be.

Let’s rise up, speak out and make huge impact.




P.S. If you’re ready to hit record {and yes, you are!} click over here to grab even more resources to help you to shine on screen.

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