how to make your words matter

The average woman will speak over 500 MILLION words in her lifetime.

547,500,000 to be exact.

Woah. That’s a lot of words. About 20,000 words every single day.

So let’s take yesterday for example.What did you say in your 20,000 words?

Who did you speak with? Did you share insights, adding something of value to another person’s day? Did you tell stories that captivated your audience? Did you speak with poise and confidence about your work?

Did you make your words matter?

See, I believe we have a choice each and every day. We can say things that truly matter, or we can simply say things.

And I’m on a mission to teach people how to compel with their words. To move their audience. To make their 20,000 words each day matter.

I was a TV news reporter for nearly a decade, and every day we would have to take hours of footage and condense it into less than two minutes. We were forced to get rid of everything that didn’t matter so we could focus in on what did. It took me years to learn this art of using language to make the most impact, but I don’t want it to take you years.

That’s why I’ve created a free training called Make Your Words Matter.


Just think how you’ll feel if:

  • The next time you hop on a call with a potential client, you have a clear message and can speak about your work in a way that instantly makes them crave it.
  • The next time you ask people to join your program, you know how to reach them on a soul-deep level.
  • The next time you’re asked to do an interview or you need to shoot a video, you won’t feel like hiding.
  • The next time you speak about your work, in any conversation, you’ll have the skills to make others feel your purpose & light up with excitement.

During this training you’ll discover {5 of my juiciest tips} on how to make your words matter:

  • how to focus in on the heart of your work
  • what to leave out of your message to make the most impact with your words
  • when to share compelling stories
  • what’s already working for you & how to own it
  • how to turn your words into client magnets

Hop over here to grab your spot & get more delectable details.

So here’s my question: how would you feel if you knew how to compel with your words?

Would you go into every conversation with more confidence? Would you feel empowered to say what you really mean and ask for what you really want? Would you speak differently?

I have a feeling you would. So let’s make that happen. Together.

Sign up for my free training, Make Your Words Matter.

And start saying something powerful whenever you speak. Make your words matter.





PS: This is the stuff that my VIP clients spend thousands of dollars to get from me. Insights I’ve never shared in a free training {and will only share in this live training once this year}. So sign up!!

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