In this very moment…

Here’s a little something that I scribbled {straight from the heart} en route to San Francisco just a little while ago….

When I was 29, I would pride myself on being fiercely independent.

I’d make sure that the amount of stuff I possessed, at any given moment, could be packed up in under twelve hours. I liked to think of myself as a nomad, an adventurous soul, who was weighted down by roots.

I moved to a new home at least every 18 months… and to a new state every three years. I had an allergic reaction to staying in the same job for more than three birthdays.

  • Maybe it was because my parents split when I was 2, and I never felt fully settled throughout my childhood.
  • Maybe it was because I never quite fit in with any one group of friends, and I found it easier to connect with new people than stay connected & dig in.
  • Maybe I was scared to settle down because I’d never seen it done in a way that was appealing to me.
  • Maybe it was because I am just so dang curious, and I adore seeing new things… or because I start to feel trapped and suffocated by consistently doing the same thing.

All I know for sure is that my devotion to my independence has been a cornerstone of my personality since I was a toddler…

And, in this very moment of my life, I realize I’ve broken all of my own rules.

  • I’ve lived in Austin for not four, not five, but nearly 6 years. Even more shocking: I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.
  • I’ve been married {talk about settling down!} for three of those years.
  • We’ve been in the same house for two and a half years… in a neighborhood where we really, truly know {and actually adore} our neighbors.
  • And, right this second, I’m sitting on a plane headed to San Francisco with five girlfriends for a lovely three-day getaway.

Of course, I’m giddy and oh-so grateful for the fun we’re about to encounter. And, I can’t seem to shake this slightly nauseous feeling below my rib cage…  because every minute in flight means I’m more miles away from my 10-month old for the very first time in his life.

The most interesting part of this, for me, is that I’m actually delightfully attached.


Unapologetically dependent.


Madly in love with my flourishing roots.

Who would have guessed? Not me!

Which is why I’ve been thinking a lot about evolution, and how we’re all doing it… all the time.

I know I’m certainly not the girl I was six years ago, or six weeks ago, or six minutes ago. And neither are you {girl or boy}. And I love that. It means we’re constantly reinventing, stretching our limits, challenging our preconceptions and finding new ways to express who we are at this very moment.

So, who do you want to be today? What do you want to create? What shiny new piece of yourself are you dying to share? In what shiny new way?

{Tell me. I promise I’ll read it and reply personally.}

I believe we can evolve further than we could possibly know.

We can create more impact with our lives, our choices and our words than we ever dreamed.

It starts with sharing honestly, unapologetically, about who you are and what you desire in this very moment and celebrating your evolution as it unfolds.

To you & your voice in this very moment,

and this one,

and this one.


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