Ready to go live? Here’s your pre-interview checklist!

Today, I’m sharing a sneak peak behind a private masterclass that I did, a little while ago, with Alexandra Franzen. Inspired by our session together, we created a go-to list of 10 interview tips so that you are ready to go live in an instant. Let’s dive right in, bombshell!

#1. Lighting. Sit facing a window — natural light is always best. Then, place two big lamps at 10 o’ clock and 2 o’ clock, to illuminate both sides of your face.

#2. Audio. Turn off your phone. Put the dog outside. Explain to your infant that you’re going to require a few moments of silence. Experiment with placing a pillow on either side of your computer to absorb outside noise and pick up your voice even better.

#3. Angle. Set your computer on a stack of three or four big books, so that your webcam is at eye level. If it feels like your computer is a little bit higher than it should be, it’s in the right place.

Aaand, these are just a taster, click here to check out the rest of the tips, get the backstory from Alexandra, plus nail your message with a fill-in-the-blank tool created just for you!

Remember bombshell, an interview is simply a conversation with purpose. You’ve got this!

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