Happy National Boss Day, now go f*ck yourself!

Question: Can you create a rock-solid on-camera brand out of going your boss to go f*uck himself and building a rallying cry for miserable employees everywhere? Apparently the answer is yes. Michelle McQuaid is proving the theory as we speak.

Michelle McQuaid: building a bombshell brand one video at a time

Chelle is the kind of girl who makes you smile. She’s lively, fun and seemingly very polite. She’ll talk to you with passion and purpose about her years of studying positive psychology… and you’ll be immediately intrigued by the studies she’s done about how to create happiness in your work place, even if your boss isn’t as awesome as you’d like.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine this lady telling anyone off. But, when she told me her new book, called Five Ways to Tell Your Boss to go F*ck Themselves, was based on the story of how she, with great respect, told her boss to do just that. And got a promotion afterwards. Amazeballs! Now she’s starting a movement at tellyourboss.com and celebrating National Boss Day in a whole new way.

I was thrilled and honored to help her hone her message & skills on camera. With a bombshell strategy firmly in place, she recently launched her video series on her website. Check this one out to see what a star she’s become.

Now, as her book launches in the US, I couldn’t be more proud of her. She did her first TV interview in Australia, where she’s from, and NAILED it.


She’s on her way & harnessing the power of video and media to get her message out there to the world. I predict great things.

Rock on, bombshell.




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