It’s my birthday and I’ll dream if I want to…

I dream of a world full of bombshells. A world where women are speaking openly & honestly, sharing with each other and using our genius for good.

I dream of a world where conversations don’t just scratch the surface of our lives, they’re packed with depth & meaning. Where connecting becomes a way of life. Where sharing our deepest desires, our loftiest dreams and our tiniest pleasures isn’t just limited to chats with our dearest friends.

I dream of a world where the power of video is fully understood. Where everyone inherently understands that change begins in each of us. Where everyone cuts through the bullshit and creates content that matters.

I dream of a world where we all give without expectation. Where we are all working together, each one of us, to create something greater than ourselves. Something that creates new possibilities for everyone. A world where anything is achievable and people, especially women, encourage each other to dream more, reach higher, try harder and never stop growing.


This is my dream. What’s yours? Because, it’s from the foundation of your dreams that the best ideas, content and purposeful videos are sparked. Think of how incredible your next video could be if you spoke from this place. Talk about creating impact!

So, my birthday wish this year is for each of you to take a few minutes to reflect on what your dreams really are, and let me know in the comments below. Then let’s start creating great content from this place deep within each of us. And, ultimately, let’s start living our dreams out, together.

That would be the very best birthday gift you could ever dream of giving me.

Much love,



  1. Lynn Korst said:

    Happy Belated Birthday!! I love this post….you are so inspiring. I just watched the pictures Marie sent out from RHH and I so loved the energy of being there with you and all of those amazing woman. I am definitely going to have you help me when I get ready to shoot my video’s! Lots of love!!!


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