Let’s play!

I’ve been thinking about you.

Not in a creepy way. In an oh-my-gosh-you’re-so-splendid way.

And I’ve been thinking about your message. Thinking about just how important it is that you have all the tools you need to be able to share it with poise, passion and playfulness. 

Bombshell Party!

In December, I had a playdate with four of my bombshells, ladies who have become dear friends and started out as clients. I wanted to hear all about their experiences working with me (don’t worry, you’ll be hearing all about them too) & growing into their message.

I wanted to see where they got the most value.

We played with confetti, laughed, danced around outside with sparklers & drank champagne. It was delightful.


These were ladies who had media interviews coming up that they needed to nail, or were using video but knew they could be creating more powerfully.

These were ladies who knew they had something incredibly valuable to say, but weren’t quite sure how to say it.

These were ladies who knew it was time to DO something, to learn the skills they needed to soar. 

And I realized I could be doing MORE to serve your message. I could be giving you more ways to shine. I could be lifting you up & giving you the freedom to truly speak in your own voice. 

So, I’ve been quietly, secretly creating ways I could serve you. Thinking about how I’ve seen my clients blossom, ways I’ve witnessed then take ownership of their message and ways I can catapult you to the next level.

See, I want the same thing for you.

That’s why I created the first ever Media Bombshell Intensive.

It’s going to be an intimate gathering (the limit is just 10 people!) in Austin June 5th-7th. Think business owners, creatives, authors and bloggers who all want to positively impact the planet with their work. Three days of my teaching, sharing & questions, my direct feedback and your growth. Together. 

It’s going to be magic. And I can’t wait to have you there.

Just hop on over here to find out all of the juicy details and sign up… 

Let’s show the world what you’re made of, bombshell!

xx comma ellie


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