Letting It Be Easy


What if we simply allowed things to be easy?

What if we expected flow instead of dissonance?

What if we truly believed that the universe has our back and that things are happening for us, not to us?

What if we set the intention that our morning will be full of delight and spaciousness?

What if you believe your ideal clients will come to you with ease, at just the right time?

This is my current journey, my learning and my focus. You know what I’ve found so far?

Less stress, less tension with my kids & my husband, less time spent worrying.

More ease, more playfulness, more presence and more joy.

Want to take it for a spin? Choose one thing that is seeming hard for you right this second, and get curious about how it could be easier. Explore all possibilities. Pick one. Allow it to be an experiment and notice what happens without judgement. If it works… awesome! If not, try again until you start to feel the heaviness release. 

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