Why I Threw Logic Out the Window {and a BIG announcement}

Do you ever listen to that voice in your head?

The one that says you’re ready before you think you are?

The one that challenges you to step up and do something bold?

The one that won’t let you settle?

Three months ago I had this really obnoxious voice in my head. It started as a whisper, “What if you could create a way for more people to have access to your work BEFORE you take time off with your new baby?”

But the excuses were pretty strong. “There’s not enough time!” “Are you crazy? Adding another thing to your plate before your son is born?” “You don’t have to do it, you could just stay focused on the work you already have. Wouldn’t that make more sense?”

Still, the voice wouldn’t budge. “Think about all of the people who could truly benefit from the years of experience you have as a reporter & spokesperson for your brand… are you going to leave them hanging?”

So, despite all of the logical reasons why I shouldn’t be launching my first online course on September 22nd, I’m so thrilled to say that the excuses lost. And I couldn’t be happier to announce that Nail Your Media Interview is now officially ready for you to grab your spot.

It’s a four week course that offers a whole new perspective on how (and why) to look at interviews as a powerful platform for you + your work. I am teaching you my insider tips from my time working for NBC and my time sharing my own message through all sorts of interviews (everything from The Wall Street Journal to COSMO radio, from a Skype interview on a friend’s blog to my favorite podcasts).

Why did I decide to go for it? Because of you. I want you to have everything you need to use your voice & share your message.

And because being logical doesn’t always make the most sense. Dreaming bigger & doing the impossible are much more my style.

If they’re yours too, check out this labor of my love… it’s loaded with my best insider tips & tools… and created just for you.

ps: If you’re thinking you’re not ready for interviews or you’re not sure how to use them to create business opportunities, this is for you.


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