{Q&A} Help! Where Do I Look During An Interview?

where to look during interviews

In a nutshell: at the interviewer. 

“Pretend the cameras aren’t there. 

Focus on me. 

Focus on having a conversation with me.”

This is the advice that I gave to everyone that sat across from me when I was reporting for NBC {aaand, to all of my VIP clients today as they prepare for national media interviews}.

Typically, in any TV interview they’re going to have three cameras: 

  • … one camera that’s getting an image of both you and the interviewer; 
  • … one camera that’s focused on the face of the interviewer; and, 
  • … one that’s focused on you.

Plus, there’ll be someone in the control room dictating which camera is up.

So really, it’s not about you deciding when to look at the camera!

In fact, if may even work against you if, for instance, you decide to look at the camera when it’s on both you and the interviewer at the same time.

It’s far more important for you to pay attention to the person who’s asking you the questions so you can be fully engaged and give the best interview possible.

Bonus tip: don’t sweat the small stuff! 

  • … don’t worry about nodding too much or too little. 
  • … don’t worry about moving your hands too much or too little. 
  • … don’t panic if you don’t keep your hands in a perfect triangle on your lap! 

You’ll feel uncomfortable and won’t focus on the questions that you’re being asked.

I’ve found that once you’re being yourself and you’re being genuine you’ll get your point across and you’ll add a ton of value to the viewers.

There you have it, bombshell!

Do you have questions about media interviews or messaging?

Pop ’em in the comments below or reach out on Facebook.

I can’t wait to hear from you!




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