Real Talk: A Lesson In Authenticity Online

Just last week I came upon the latest creation from Sarah Jenks, Real Talk: Women and Our Bodies. It is moving, powerful and completely inspirational {yes, the team and I did get a little choked up at times!}. Yet, the concept is oh so simple: ordinary women chatting about daily life… everything from children to dieting. And, perhaps surprisingly, that’s exactly where the magic lies. It’s utterly relatable. It’s real.

What I’ve always loved about Sarah’s work is how she injects so much of herself  into her branding, even the somewhat messy moments. Her energy and devotion to her message seeps through every blog post and video that she shares. I can’t help but click play!

Sarah has bravely opened up the conversation on a sensitive and intimate topic, while simultaneously shining a light on her messaging and work in the world. What a powerful combination. And, a beautiful example of what it truly means to bring authenticity to online business.

Click through and take a peek, right here {or press play, below}.

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 5.07.16 PM


Over to you, bombshell. How can you share a little more of yourself in your business today? Spill in the comments below!




P.S. Fun fact: Sarah was our very first ‘Behind the Bombshell’ interview! We dived into the power of authentic messaging and sharing your personality on camera. You can check it out here.

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