Turning Resentment Into Gratitude…

It was 3:13am. My eyelids were made of cement. My limbs were not responding to my brain’s request for them to function. I could feel it building like a wave about to crash on the shore: RESENTMENT.

My tiny 6-week-old baby was innocently waking, stirred by hunger and no one could tend to him but me. My husband somehow stayed deeply, blissfully asleep while my body begrudgingly came to it’s senses. It was go time.

3 Things You Should Know:

  • I adore my son. He’s a delight, and there was no resentment toward him, just the fact that my sleep was interrupted.
  • It was my choice to do the overnight shift and let my man sleep. I figured that we didn’t both have to suffer & one of us needed to be functional throughout the day.
  • I consider being able to breast feed my son an honor. It’s the hardest, craziest thing that I’ve done, but I am in awe that we can do it every day.

But, after waking up three times a night for six weeks, I was not exactly delighted, and so, the next morning I decided I had to make a shift.


What if, instead of being annoyed by these overnight wake up calls, I could somehow cherish them? What if I could turn the time with my son, just the two of us, into sacred time?

I tried it the next night. When Campbell started making his sweet noises, I reminded myself that this was a precious event, one that I was grateful for. Guess what? I woke up with ease and was so much more patient with my little guy. Could it really be that simple?

I then learned that the hour between 3am and 4am was considered a magical meditation hour, so much so that many monks wake up on purpose at that time just to experience the peace and perfection. {Thank you for the insight, Lanell Coultas.}

Clearly, I had been looking at this all wrong!

I was reminded of the quote:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~Wayne Dyer


It got me thinking: what else in my life am I resenting that I could be grateful for? What relationships am I looking at the wrong way? If it’s truly a function of how we choose to see the world around us, then what choices could I make differently?

I am discovering new choices each day, and the changes are simple, but oh-so powerful.

So, my challenge for you is to pick one thing that you’re resenting and shift it. Today. In the comments below, tell me what you’re going to see in a new way, and then go live it…


  1. Pam said:

    Hello Ellie,

    This is a great post! In the daily chaos that we face, I would often forget the fact that these little moments are the most precious ones.

    I have family members who are a part of my company. I sometimes resent that they ignore to do house chores and are not as crazy and passionate as I am in the daily operations of the company. I’m like a hustle-bustle bee but it’s affecting me when my teammates do not feel the urgency as I do.

    Maybe, I can shift my focus from being a control freak and appreciate that I am given the opportunity to work with the people I love and encourage them in a positive way instead of me spreading negative vibes.

    I just need to accept the fact that they have their own way of producing results, even though they do not look like a hustle bee like me.

    Whew. Live and let go. This is my mantra for today…and maybe for the days to come? 🙂


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