Secret Sex Lives, Oh My!

So do you want to know what’s happening behind closed doors in America? Well, you’re about to find out.

Suzy Spencer


Suzy Spencer launches her book on the state of sex in America today in a big, bombshell way. She’s a guest on Katie Couric’s new show Monday, October 15th for a great big interview.* And Suzy’s totally ready to go.

What’s a self-proclaimed uptight white Southern baptist doing talking all about the secret sex lives being led by very “normal people” across the US? Being courageous and doing what scares her. Beyond that, you’ll just have to tune in (and buy the book) to find out.

Rock on, bombshell.



*in Austin, TX Katie airs at 4pm on KVUE or go to to find out when it airs in your city

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