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spark female leadership workshop

Fancy listening to me riff on this topic, bombshell? You’ll hear the content below and then some. Enjoy! 

One of the things that I love most about SPARK, a 3-day message & media training {*ahem* self-expression soiree}, is the magic that happens when you get powerful, purpose driven women in the same room.

It is something that goes beyond words…

  • … it’s energy; 
  • … it’s community;
  • … it’s support. 

It’s the safety to express those vulnerable parts of ourselves that we normally keep hidden. 

It’s the space to ask questions and to get the answers that you really need to have breakthroughs in how you use your voice, run your business and lead your team.

It’s my very favorite way of teaching.

And I’ve come to know that for the participants, each one a leader in their own right, it goes far beyond the 2.5 days that we spend together for there is something indestructible about the bonds that are built in the space that I hold for these women to come together.

As business owners, we’ve all felt the sting of isolation and loneliness that comes with being a true leader.

It’s not often that we seek or find real community.

It’s not often that we come together to problem solve or to be inspired to be more than what we think we’re capable of.

But, that’s exactly what happens at SPARK and why it is my favorite offering.

This isn’t the stuff that makes a perfectly polished promo page.

But I can tell you that having community is one of the key ingredients to growth & accountability as a leader.

SPARK is happening in 10 days {!}, right here in Austin. There are just two spots left, and I’d love if you could join us. You can get all of the details & grab your ticket right here. Plus, you’ll get the scoop directly from the powerful women who’ve joined me during previous SPARK weekends. {I know you’ll love them as much as I do!}.

{*UPDATE: take a peek right here to find out the details of our next SPARK weekend happening October 2017}.

Questions? Don’t be shy! Pop me a note at: hello@mediabombshell.com

I can’t wait to see you & to give you a great big squeeze!

We’re in this together, bombshell.




P.S. Know someone who just might benefit from joining us at SPARK? Please do pass it along.  Aaand, let me know you who send my way, I’ll want to thank you.

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