What Standing in the Eye of a Hurricane Taught Me…

I was standing in the eye of Hurricane Ike when he walked up to me.

An unassuming man, struck with a look of shock, water dripping from his saggy cut-off jean shorts and drenched Hawaiian shirt.

“I just swam here,” he said, breathless. “I left it all behind and started swimming.”

Ike was wrecking the Gulf coast. Ferocious water from the hurricane was feverishly swallowing beaches, streets, and even homes.

I’d been part of a round robin of live shots for my NBC station for eleven hours straight. My legs were weak from leaning into the wind, yet I knew this man had a story that needed sharing. I could talk with him for hours, but I only had a matter of seconds to cut to the heart of this guy’s story.

I asked if he’d been in his home when the water started to take over, he said yes. I asked if he would share his story on camera, to let people know what it was really like, he said yes.

So, I quickly had to narrow all of my questions down to three, to get the most compelling sound out of him in a matter of seconds.

  • Tell me what was happening around you the moment you realized you had to swim to safety.  He described standing on his kitchen counter, watching the water rise around him and having a “now or never” moment where he realized he could die if he stayed in his home.
  • What were you thinking as you were swimming? He said it was pure survival, just thinking that he had to keep going until he was safe… that it was only once he reached dry land he started realizing what had just happened, and how dangerous it was.
  • Now that you’re safe, how do you feel? I can’t believe I’m here, that I’m alive. I guess nothing else really matters.

Watching all of the coverage of Hurricane Harvey this weekend brought images of this man and his story flooding back to me. 

And even though there were so many details he could have shared, and so many questions I could have asked, these three did the job of telling his story in no time flat. 

As so many people are facing floods, being devastated by tornados, and losing everything, I think we have a duty to appreciate every moment we have and to speak up for what matters most to us. 

Listen, you might not have to swim for your life in hurricane-ridden waters this week {or ever, hopefully!}, but I believe you have an amazing story to share and a voice worth turning up the volume on. I truly do.

That’s where I come in.

With so much swirling around us all the time, how do you make your words land?

In the simplest terms, it’s knowing how to cut to the heart of your message and knowing what to leave out

I was a TV news reporter for nearly a decade, and every day we would have to take hours of footage and condense it into less than two minutes. We were forced to get rid of everything that didn’t matter so we could focus in on what did. It took me years to learn this art of using language to make the most impact, but I don’t want it to take you years. 

It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was positively unnatural when I first started reporting. But I understood that if I could master the skill set, my stories would make impact.

And I want you to know how to do this too.

Why? I believe we have a choice each and every day. We can say things that truly matter, or we can simply say things.  

That’s why I’ve created a free training called Make Your Words Matter.

Just think how you’ll feel if:

  • The next time you hop on a call with a potential client, you have a clear message and can speak about your work in a way that instantly makes them crave it.
  • The next time you ask people to join your program, you know how to reach them on a soul-deep level.
  • The next time you’re asked to do an interview or you need to shoot a video, you won’t feel like hiding. 
  • The next time you speak about your work, in any conversation, you’ll have the skills to make others feel your purpose & light up with excitement.

During this training you’ll discover {5 of my juiciest tips} on how to make your words matter:

:: how to focus in on the heart of your work

:: what to leave out of your message to make the most impact with your words

:: when to share compelling stories

:: what’s already working for you & how to own it

:: how to turn your words into client magnets

Hop over here to grab your spot & get the details.

So here’s my question: How would you feel if you knew how to compel with your words?

Would you go into every conversation with more confidence? Would you feel empowered to say what you really mean and ask for what you really want? Would you speak differently?

I have a feeling you would.

So let’s make that happen. Together.

Sign up for my free training, Make Your Words Matter.

And start saying something powerful whenever you speak.

Make your words matter.



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