Stop with the shortcuts: the danger of the teleprompter!

A lot of people want making videos to be easy. I get it. I want them to be easy for you, too. And I totally believe that’s possible.

But I don’t believe in shortcuts. 

I don’t believe that you can snap your fingers and magically be super natural on camera, or that you will know exactly how to fill three minutes the first time you try it, or that every video you create will get a million views with no effort.

Which is why I am totally against teleprompters {you know, the thing that allows you to read a script across the lens of your camera?!}.

*Of course, I shot this video WITHOUT A PROMPTER to tell you all of the dangers of this sexy little shortcut. Check it out:

And while I don’t believe in prompters, I do believe in creating videos the right way, even if it requires a bit of practice, patience and persistence.

Why? Because I believe your voice is worth each of those things. And I believe in the power of video to give people a sense of who you are without ever having met you.

I believe if you’re going to make videos at all, you may as well speak your truth, your way.  {tweet it!}

It doesn’t mean they have to cost a lot or be super fancy… your videos just have to be real. They have to show YOU. Not someone you think you should be, who says perfect words and holds her hands just so… but you in all of your imperfect glory.

So, do me a favor. Drop the prompter. Play with speaking directly to the camera. Be real. And definitely come back here to let me know how it goes.

My guess is it will be your favorite video you’ve shot, even if it wasn’t the easiest.


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