Tell your story!

I believe that people truly want two things from brands (and people): they want to connect and they want to feel inspired. The best way to do that? By telling your story with as much impact as possible.

You can start by making sure you’re answering these questions: Why do you do what you do? Why should I care, or better yet, why should I believe? What makes you passionate about your work? How do you help people? Why should I become your loyal fan, and shout about what you do from the rooftops?

When I started my first brand, Pink Kisses, my goal was to help women get over heartbreak faster and stronger than ever before. Our tagline is forget your ex & find your inner bombshell. I knew that, in order to connect with people and inspire them, I’d need to harness the power of my own personal story of struggle and triumph. I needed to be authentic, never forget my purpose and find as many ways as possible to connect and inspire through video and media.

The result? Here’s a sample of some of the ways I told my story (using my own computer cam, on media sets like the TODAY Show, and through professionally shot videos):

How are you going to tell yours?



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