Belly Laughs, Cuddles & Crashing Waves…


Compiled on airplanes and amidst stormy journeys across the country to celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s a little peek at our thank you notes this year.

:: Morning cuddles with my kiddos… I hope they never grow out of it.

:: Friends who remain close even when distance separates us.

:: Good fiction… I love a good story.

— Tera

P.S. My current recommendation? The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams.

Clean water.

Family and community. 

A warm cozy home.

— Destiny

:: Belly laughs with Campbell, my two year old.

:: The look on a client’s face when they truly step into their own powerful voice for possibly the first time.

:: The sound of waves crashing on the shore.

— Ellie

Tell me, bombshell, what are you most grateful for right now, in this moment?

Pop your thank you notes in the comments below, jot them in your journal or better yet, share them with your loved ones this week.




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