The Art of Being Present

Do you know that feeling where you’re moving forward at a slightly-terrifying-yet-oh-so-exciting pace, like you’re at full capacity and can’t fit one more ounce of anything into your life, work, or personal growth?

That’s right where I am at the moment.

Sure, it could be because I have this guy growing in my belly and taking up all my extra space, literally:


And it could be because, in the next three weeks I’m giving a free training on how to be a media darling, hosting a Media Bombshell Intensive, and launching my first online program called Nail Your Media Interview {details soon!}…

But here’s what I’ve come to realize: this is life. If I have anything to do with it, most of the time it will be filled to the brim with different learning, adventures and shifts.

So, there’s a choice that I face everyday at the moment:

Do I choose to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and behind?


Do I choose to be present in each moment and enjoy the heck out of it, putting all of my love and energy toward the current activity?


I’m choosing to be present as much as possible. And guess what? It makes me realize just how much of my time is wasted worrying about what could happen or reviewing how I ended up in the middle of this tornado of evolution to begin with.

{BTW, the answer to the second half of that is pretty simple.

I created it for myself. By choice.

See, in my first trimester, I felt pretty crummy & decided I wasn’t going to spend as much time creating, just focus on doing. But then my second trimester hit & I felt sensational! So good that I wanted to create everything all at once. And so I did. I launched a video program and planned two more launches of a live event and an online course. Because I could!}

I’ve made this my new goal: to be at full capacity & move through it with ease and grace. One thing is clear: it’s not easy. But, I’ve found some magic in focusing on just that one thing that’s in front of me and practicing being fully present in the moment.

It takes me back to an exercise I did once at a live event put on by Marie Forleo where Josh Pais, actor & teacher, focused a room of nearly 300 women into just how NOT present we were most of the time. He asked us to say, out loud, “I’m back!” very enthusiastically every time we realized our thoughts were wandering throughout an evening of his teaching. And guess what? The confessions of drifting sounded like popcorn popping around the room. The entire time he taught. It was a powerful reminder of how easy it is for us to zone out, and what a conscious choice it is for us to stay present.

So, the next time you realize you’re not being present, try choosing to come back to the current moment & seeing what happens when you fully focus on just what’s in front of you. I’ll be doing the same. And I predict very good things.


PS: Sure, you may not be in the midst of the same major adventures as me, but my guess is you’ve got some big shufts happening as well! I’d love to hear how you’ve stayed present & what works when you’re at full capacity. Dish!

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