The Key to Being Bold


I get asked a lot about how to get over fear or shyness to start speaking up. I get asked about what steps are necessary to start shooting videos. I get asked how to finally feel ready to speak on stage. I get asked how to know when it’s time to hire a PR firm and start doing media interviews.


Basically, it all boils down to one simple question: how do I become bold?


The answer is even simpler.




The truth is, you can get eighteen certifications and still never feel “legit” or ready to work with others & share your wisdom. Newsflash: That next training won’t be THE ONE that makes you finally feel ready either.

You can work on your keynote for years without feeling like it’s the right time to get on stage and give it. Or, you can decide that you ARE a speaker, accept your first speaking gig and give it a go.

You can get mad when you see your competitors getting known in your field because of they’ve launched a major campaign with videos, interviews and a website makeover OR you can be inspired and claim your spotlight right along with them.


Being bold is not a quality only some people are born with.





It’s a choice to take action through fear. It’s a choice to put yourself out there just as you are. It’s a choice to let others hear your voice in all it’s imperfect glory. It’s a choice to give your work the megaphone it deserves. If you don’t step up, who will?


And here’s the best part: the more you choose to the bold, the easier and more fun it gets! Think about the first time you drove a car, how weird and awkward it all felt. And yet, if you’ve been driving for any length of time it’s not a big deal. You probably don’t even think about being a “person who drives” because it’s just part of your daily life. Being bold is just like that.


::take action now::

I want you to pause and think about one area where you’ve been holding back. Write it down. Now, how could you be bold & take action on it today? Write that down.


For the next three days, I want you to be bold in this area, then come back here and boldly tell me in the comments below what happened. The good, the messy, and the surprising.


I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I predict big things!


To your bold moves,

PS: Are you ready to feel the full power of your voice & hone your message? Eager to start speaking on stage or creating powerful videos? Know you’re meant to speak in front of audiences but not sure where to start? Join me for SPARK this October, a workshop designed to help you master your message & ignite your brand.

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