The Sunrise Secret


People ask me all the time how to get over the fear of speaking on stage. I love this topic because I truly believe it’s one of the biggest barriers for most people to truly use their voice for the greatest good.

So, as I was speaking in front of a very fun group a few weeks ago, I could tell my energy was just a bit elevated. People had been swarming around me asking questions, offering me food, and trying to get my slides to work {they eventually did}. I could tell I was just not as grounded as I typically am when starting a talk.

And I tried one of my go-to tips that I picked up from some speaking guru along the way: that if you simply take a moment to focus all the way in the back of the room, it can calm & ground you. I’ve used it before {and it’s helped some of my clients} but this day, for whatever reason, it didn’t really work.

Instead, I decided to take a few seconds once I’d been introduced, and the audience was calm, to look again toward the back of the room but this time I also imagined one of the most grounding views I could think of… the sun peeking up over the ocean and slowly rising to greet the day. I heard the sound of the waves, felt my feet sink into the soft sand, and for a few moments, fully dove into my little meditation. My energy shifted to match the sunrise, and I slowly felt everything I needed to focus rise within me as well.

FullSizeRender 2

The audience definitely felt the few moments of silence, and it made them more intrigued about what I was going to say next.

I took a deep breath, feeling fully grounded and still noticing the sensation of sand between my toes, and launched into my story…

“Imagine the phone rings. You pick it up and a voice on the other end says you are invited to be on the TODAY Show…”

It worked. I was fully present, two feet firmly planted on the ground, feeling calm and centered.

So, the next time you start to feel that chaotic energy, whether’s during a potential client call, a presentation to your colleagues, or a talk in front of a few hundred people, I invite you to pause long enough to feel yourself on the beach, watching the sun rise before you. I predict very good things.


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