Our Bodies Miss Us

While I’m blissfully away on maternity leave nurturing my bundle of joy, we’ve invited incredible leaders from different fields to speak about what they know best. I hope that the stories shared will inspire action and reflection within you, as they undoubtedly have within me.

Today Tolly, a dear friend and writer, is sharing how she looks after her body when long days in front of the screen seem to be the new normal.

Make sure you make her feel right at home with lots of love in the comments.


About 10 years ago, while lounging on a frayed living room couch with Real Housewives on in the background, I found myself on the sign-up page of Blogger.com.

It was blue with orange and white highlights, not unlike the color scheme for a high school sports department. Those seductive fonts and soft color palettes that would emerge later on the Internet — you know the ones, framing professionally-shot style bloggers in adorable pigeon-toed poses — hadn’t arrived yet.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued and within minutes my website was live. Perhaps, in the days of blogging pre blogs-as-brands, ‘website’ is too formal a term but treating it like a sweet mutt from the rescue shelter, I cared for it with diligence and attention.

Overtime, and despite it’s bare bones template design and lack of topical focus, my blog, Austin Eavesdropper, became a thing. My writing improved, the design got prettier and people started hearing about it. What started as a hobby had morphed into the writing portfolio that allowed me to quit my full-time job and write for a living.

Disclaimer: not because the blog itself was so highly-trafficked and valuable {cue: rueful chuckle}, but because editors started finding it, and wanting me to write stuff for them.

I tell you all this to paint a true picture of how critical my computer is, as well as the time I’ve spent in front of it. My computer was and still is my livelihood, as I’m sure it is for most of you.

But in 2011, fate intervened.

At the height of my computer-facilitated blogging success, I knew that I desperately needed a change.

Although not remotely famous {lol}, the traffic spikes on the blog would give me just enough of a hit of dopamine to leave me wanting more. Wanting to be seen more, to blog more, to attend more events. While my basepoint emotional level has always been pretty happy, I knew that all the Internet attention wasn’t healthy.

That’s when I discovered another hobby, a radically different hobby and one that had nothing to do with computers. In fact, it wrenched me away from my beloved blog and asked me to do something much more difficult {for me}: aerial silks.

I had only a modest dance background when I first came to the silks yet now I spend exactly half of my working hours as a copywriter, and the other half moving: in class, teaching, and sometimes in rehearsals.

What I’ve come to know is that our bodies miss us.

I worked out for a long time before aerial silks {read: was bored out of my mind on the gym elliptical watching Dancing With the Stars} and was never sedentary. Yet, aerial silks and dance in general has sparked a deep engagement with my physical self that I so dearly needed.

If you hear your body calling out to you, and it’s not exactly steering you in the direction of the gym it might be time to bust out Google and start experimenting. I find that physical practices that gift you a hard set of skills — yoga, acro yoga, capoeira, dance, aerial silks, tai chi, hand-balancing, circus arts, adult gymnastics, rock climbing, etc. — are oh-so much more sustainable and fulfilling than the treadmill.

I would genuinely like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Have you stepped away from the computer and it’s siren song of success and riches for something impractical and physical?

Do tell.

House Tolly Moseley is a freelance writer, editor and journalist living in Austin, Texas. Her work focuses on arts/culture, health, food and life. She is the co-host of “Statesman Shots”, a culture podcast by the Austin American-Statesman.

Before becoming a writer, Tolly worked as a large waving costumed bear named Muffy, a seasoned coffee preparer at a fashion PR firm in Italy, a children’s yoga instructor at a progressive private school, a classroom assistant in rural India, a college composition teacher, a restaurant columnist, a waitress, a “cat socializer,” a public radio intern, a food show co-host, and a literary publicist. She is also a dancer and professional aerialist.

I’m feeling inspired to stretch! You too, bombshell?

Be sure to pop any questions you have for Tolly in the comments below.




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