The Power of Connecting through Video

I had lunch with a business owner and brand genius today and we got into an interesting discussion about using video. See, she doesn’t really “get” video innately. Like so many of us, she totally understands the need for it and appreciates a value-packed video when she sees it, but when it comes to creating her own, she has doubts. Big ones.

Listen, a lot of people have fears around being on video. Some I hear the most: What if I look like a fool? Am I really ready to put myself out there for the world to see? What if I have nothing to share, nothing to say that’s valuable to anyone? These are totally human. So is the one raised today: How can I possibly communicate my brand and my personality to complete strangers?

And since I couldn’t fully respond as we were walking out of the restaurant, here goes:

Now it’s your turn. Play with the idea of connecting. Create a video this week and do these 4 things:

First, I want you to visualize a single person- maybe a dear friend, your colleague, or even your mom- on the other side of the camera. So, when you’re looking at the camera, look through it and focus on that person.

Second, make the entire goal of your video to connect with that one person. Of course, you have to offer value in your content, but for the purpose of practice, focus on connecting.

Third, notice how your tone changes, what in your message seems to become more important and what becomes less. See if this feels any different.

Fourth, try to be as real as possible with this exercise. Be you.

Go play! Then come right back here and tell me how it went.



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