What stories are you telling yourself?

I used to believe I was shy. Painfully shy.

As a little kid, I would dread going on playdates with new friends. I would literally hide behind my Dad, not wanting to be thrust into a situation where I had to be bold.

And, that story of my shyness stuck with me. Even as I clearly began to shed any outward manifestations.

By college, I had shifted. I was outgoing & loved meeting new people. I had no problem speaking up in class or leading groups. And yet, the only person who didn’t realize I was no longer shy was me.

I would mention it in conversation, and good friends would actually laugh. “Yeah right, you?” They’d say. “You light up when you talk to people.” or “You walk into a party and own the room!”

The problem was, until I let go of the story, I still believed I was shy. And it held me back. So, today’s video is all about how to be confident on camera, and it starts with an exercise on recognizing what stories you’re telling yourself.

Check it out:

In the comments below, I’d love to hear about a story you’ve been telling yourself… and what you’re choosing to do about it.


  1. Triz said:

    This is exactly my problem. I am a pretty confident person but I know that some of my angles do not really work on the camera (referencing from previous photographs of myself). I really want to tell people my message personally but I am thinking that I could just do a voice-over. However, that would not become as personal as I would like it to be. 🙁


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